Welcome to Niotron Docs

We’re excited to help you begin your app-building journey. On Niotron, anyone can easily create beautiful and powerful mobile apps, program logical functionality with drag & drop blocks, including ads to generate revenue, and upload apps to the Google Play Store.

Whether you need some guidance on using components or you are just looking around, this documentation will provide you the guides and references that you need for your next android project on Niotron.

Useful Links

App Builder

This is the main segment of Nitron, here you can create your apps without coding in a few minutes. Just drag and drop components join few blocks and your app is ready.

My Niotron

It is the control panel of your Niotron account, From here you can view and manage your subscriptions, referrals, and rewards. You can also view notifications related to updates and other changes released by Niotron. In short, you can manage all your data and info from here very simply and easily.


Our community is a really nice place to share your doubts, projects, or suggestions related to Niotron. You can even share your ideas or even report bugs that you’ve experienced during your app development session. It’ll help in improving Niotron. Our community is full of awesome users and they are there to answer any of your queries in minutes.

Extension IDE

Niotron recently released a java based IDE(Integrated Development Environment), which can be used to create additional components (extensions) for their app as per requirement. Many template and android libraries are available by default and also some features like a custom library make development easy. This allows more experienced users to introduce coding into their Apps thus making the transition from No Code to Basic Coding easy.


Online e-commerce Store for users to buy & Sell Extensions & Project Source Codes, subscriptions, advertisements, etc… This is mainly to get subscriptions of monetization, assets, and app size. Visit our pricing page to learn more.